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Азарт Brian Tracy Goals Mastery 2014


29 Мар 2020

Brian Tracy Goals Mastery

My BRAND-NEW 90-day transformational program that provides you with the clarity and confidence you need to dissolve self-imposed limitations and become an unequivocal powerhouse in the pursuit of your biggest, most important dreams.


So many of us grow up with a mindset built around limitations rather than possibilities, and therefore, we become stagnant when we run up against the inevitable roadblocks and obstacles life presents.

It's time for a shift in perspective.

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I'm Brian Tracy, and it's my mission to help you transform your life and achieve all your goals - faster than ever.

I'm going to share with you MY tracks to success - the best parts of the 2 most important success systems I know and use, every day.

Here's a TASTE of what we cover over the next 90 days:

"My life has been revolutionized?"

"I've heard other experts in the area of goals and self-improvement and as far as I am concerned, Brian is the number one international expert. My own life has been revolutionized as result of listening to his audio programs. "

By Tad Purtill "Director - Superior Speeches"

"Those without written goals are forever condemned to work for those with them."

"I have been a great fan of yours, and your contributions to the field of personal development, for almost two decades. I first became a fan of yours in 1986, when I read your stunning two-page article, "Seven Steps to eer Success," which was reprinted from the National Business Employment Weekly in January of that year. I still read this short but informative article almost every month. It contains one of the most powerful sentences I have ever read: "Those without written goals are forever condemned to work for those with them."

By Mike Perry

"The Ultimate Goals Program"

"Thanks Brian, within a few weeks of receiving your goals program I have been able to get more organized and accomplish more towards my goals than I have been able to in many years upon my own. The program is wonderful, highly recommended!"

By Kevin (Chgo,Il. usa)

Week 1: Personal Goal Setting

Week 2: Your Unlimited Potential

Week 3: Your Special Talents and Abilities

Week 4: Your Meaning and Purpose in Life

Week 5: Programming Your Mind for Success

Week 6: Advanced Programming Techniques

Week 7: Unlocking Your Superconscious Mind

Week 8: Becoming Unstoppable

Week 9: Bouncing Back from Adversity

Week 10: Marriage and Children

Week 11: The Most Important Quality of Success

Week 12: Discipline and Personal Power

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